Hong Dian Dark Blue Forest

I decided to do my first review of this fountain pen. Why? because I think it could use some attention. While I bought the Dark Blue, it is available in quite a few colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Purple, Pink, and White. It also has three nib sizes to choose from that I have seen, Extra-Fine, Fine, and Bent or Fude. I got the Bent or Fude nib. The general price for this pen seems to range in the $12-15 area.

So, what is there to say about this pen? It is a full metal pen, so it has a bit of weight to it, but to me it has just enough to make it comfortable. It can post, and does so quite securely, while this does adjust the balance of the pen, I don’t think it would cause a problem for most people, if you have smaller hands, then in might be a problem. In the case of the size of the pen, it is not far off from your standard Bic or other stick pen.

The barrel has a knurling pattern on in, but very shallow, just enough so you can feel some texture. The grip does not have this however, it is smooth, but not slippery like might be expected from a metal grip section. Why? The matte finish. It makes the grip feel like it has this bit of friction, almost a softness, that makes it easy to hold. One thing that might be a downside for some is the clip, it is very stiff, so sliding it over thicker clothing or a notebook cover may not work so well. This is a standard Cartridge/Converter pen, and it filled easily.

Now that the handling of the pen is out of the way, how about a test drive?

As I said, I got the Bent nib, and boy is there a lot to say about it! First, how about a look at the line variations that can be gotten out of this little nib?

Ok, wow.

What we have here is a huge range! The left was writing at a very low angle, but not beyond comfort level. It might take a bit of getting used to if you want it that broad, but it wouldn’t be that bad. The second one is about average writing angle, it puts out a nice line variance here, makes for interesting handwriting, similar to an architect grind. Three is a high angle, almost straight up. I personally find this the most uncomfortable way to write with this pen, I feel like my hand is crowding my writing area. Which is why I generally write with the pen in the fourth position, far right. That is reverse writing. Yep, you read that right, reverse is my NORMAL way of writing with this pen and I only flip it over when I want to get some flair or just put down a lot of ink. Reverse writing with this nib is very smooth, and it has a very fine line, nearly Extra-Fine I would say.

Last look… for this blog post šŸ™‚

Final words about the Hong Dian Forest line of pens: It is sturdy, feels good, writes well, and gives a fun option in the Bent nib. I would happily count this as a workhorse daily writer, and I plan to keep it inked up for a while, seeing how some other ink colors turn out.

What are your thoughts? Do you have this pen? plan on getting it? I would love to hear what you think!

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