Yiren 878

Have you seen this pen on ebay? Have you wondered if it is worth getting? It is generally priced around $7-12, and presents a smart, business look, with it’s gunmetal color and minor spiral pattern on the barrel and cap.

So how does this pen feel? It is a full metal pen, so it has a nice weight to it. If you really like light pens, this probably isn’t for you, but it is not a lead weight, so it should be comfortable for most. The grip section is smooth metal, and it is a little slippery, so if you don’t like that, again, not the pen for you. A standard international cartridge/converter, it is part of the most common filling system. Where this pen shines is it’s reliability. I have had it inked for a while, and it does not dry out. I think that is mostly due to the cap. I am not sure how it latches, but there is a very satisfying “click” when you get the cap all the way on. What does this cap hide?

A fine (.5mm) nib! Exactly the nib you would want for signing papers at the office, not too wet so it will bleed through and feather, and not so dry it is a pain to write with. This fine nib is the only option for purchase.

Would I say this pen is a good value? yes, I would. It is just at that not too heavy, but heavy enough that it feels quality. The finish has held up well, and looks good enough to have at work, but not be too upset if it disappears from your desk. I would also say this is a good starter pen.

How about we take a look at a writing sample?

As you can see, a smooth writer, no skipping, just nice, clean lines.

My results: a pen well worth having in your collection, or even have several, so you can give some away and start others out on their fountain pen journey! And now, one more look at that nib.

Does anyone else enjoy these closeups like I do? Something about seeing the fine details… It just looks nice.

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