Moonman C1, Conversation Starter

Do you like to see ink sloshing around in your pen? Do you want your pen to catch the eye of people near you? This pen might be for you! Is that all it is good for though? How about we take a look at it, and see!

With its clear body, and smooth polishing of the acrylic, you can get a good view of your ink as well as the rest of the pen. One downside to this, if you are carrying it in a pocket, or loose in a bag, you can get drips of ink in the cap. I have had very little trouble with this, but it CAN happen, depending on how rough you are with it. Just something to remember if you are bringing it somewhere that inky fingers would be bad. (Also, check it before you hand it to your boss to write with, getting your bosses fingers inky probably won’t go well for you.)

A nice style choice they made was to add a colored grip section, giving a second focus point after you see the ink.

The grip section has a nice shimmer to it. While they could have made this section out of bland acrylic, instead they decided to make it attractive.

One thing for sure, this pen holds a lot of ink, I mean a LOT. I haven’t measured it, But I have had it inked since I bought it near the beginning of this year, and not quite half of it gone. The fine nib adds to that. While I wouldn’t say it is a dry writer, it does put down a fine line, just about right for everyday use when you aren’t sure what paper you will be using.

The nib is a #6 steel, with the moonman logo and name stamped in it. This should ensure that you can swap out the nib if you end up with a size you don’t like as well, or just want to change it up.

The C1 runs for around $20 on ebay, and comes with an eyedropper as well as a converter, if you don’t want quite as much ink in the pen. I would recommend this as an everyday writer, as well as a sketch pen, it holds more then enough ink to finish a sketch as well as being able to hold just about any nib you prefer to use of the #6 size.

What do you think of this pen? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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