And now, for something completely different

Ink! I got in what I wanted to use for reviewing inks and have just finished my first one! What Ink? I wanted to go for something fun, so I pulled out my bottle of Kala Foxy.

BRIGHT! You wouldn’t use THIS in fountain pens, would you? Keep reading…

This ink makes a statement just seeing it in the bottle. As part of Kala’s tribute to neon series, it has the flash and flair of a disco ball, shining out in the middle of the other inks, saying “pick me! I’ll brighten up your day!”. But does it? How is this on paper? How does it behave in a pen? Does it clean out at all, or are you going to be stuck with a pink barrel?

First thing I can say about this ink is that it is a bit thicker than you might expect for fountain pen ink. In fact, the saturation of color reminds me of india ink more then fountain pen ink. But, this is made for fountain pens, and not just that, it is also a pigmented ink, advertised as being waterproof! How does it do? I tested it on three types of paper, Hammer Mill copy paper, Rhodia notepad, and Tomoe River. Here come the pics!

First off, Copy paper! The ink behaved quite well for this paper. No major feathering, but you will see it here and there. It even handled the very broad writing rather well. It took about 9 seconds to fully dry with no smear, but all the way down at 3 seconds the smear is tiny. Down at the bottom is where I did water tests, one with the ink fully dry, one right after I put the ink down, identified by “dry” and “wet”. As you can see, it really didn’t matter. The ink stuck really well to the paper, I don’t think you would have to worry about loosing your writing due to a coffee spill or it starting to rain. Now, you see those pink dots just above where it says “dry” and “wet”? That is where I wrote on the back of the paper! Now, I can just hear you saying “We can’t see what you wrote on the back, how is that helpful?”. Ah! But you CAN see it! Those pink dots are bleed through, and something that bothers many when writing. So on cheap paper, Foxy will bleed through. You can also see some ghosting, but not much.

Now, Rhodia!

As you can see, Rhodia handled the ink far better than the copy paper, no surprise there. The dry time was a few seconds longer, coming in at 12, but still quick enough. Where you can see the real differences are in the water tests and the writing on the back. While the ink was wet, it moved a lot more than on the copy paper. Fortunately, it is still fully readable. The dry also moved more, but not bad at all. Now, pink dots…Ya, don’t see any. No bleed through with Rhodia, and not enough ghosting to even show up on camera. This should only bother the most diehard ghosting haters.

And finally, drumroll please, Tomoe River!

Ya, what happened? From a nice bright ink it went to having a watercolor effect. And what happened to it being waterproof? It seems like Kala Foxy and Tomoe River don’t go well together. Why? no idea. It has a pretty reasonable dry time, and while bleed through was not expected, the low amount of ghosting was a surprise.

So, What do you think? Is Kala Foxy your next feel good ink? Well you can find it at Shigure Inks, and it runs about $11 for a 30ml bottle, not a bad price. Personally, this ink is going to be a regular in one of my pens. Sometimes it just feels good to write with a bright ink.

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