The Pens of October 31st, 2020

Going to be out and about a lot today, so I went for my brass Delike pocket pen, it has a mini fude (I believe it is also called a waverly nib?) and is super smooth, inked with Sheaffer Gold. This gold ink is from a old bottle that was given to me along with several other colors. Next is the Pilot VP, a pen I was able to purchase used. Great for fast notes. Last in line, the Sakura Pigma Micron 01 again. I will swap it out after Sunday, but it is so good for permanence and ease of writing.

By the way, if anyone knows something about the Sheaffer ink, I would like to learn some more. I have done a few searches on it, but haven’t turned up a lot. Here is a look at the bottle.

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