Ready for Paper!

I got my testing pens in now, so I can put some paper through it’s paces! My standard for testing paper is going to be with three inks: The waterproof, pigmented, Kala Dude, The waterproof, lubricated, Noodlers Blue Eel, and The more standard Diamine Majestic Blue. All three are in a separate pen with a fude nib, so multiple size lines can be tested for each, as well as how wet a pen the paper can deal with.

First up: Pen+Gear Spiral Dot Grid Journal.

This notebook is a good example of the brand as a whole, from my personal experience. Pen+Gear is the brand I use most for my pocket notebooks, outdoor use, or anywhere they can get beat up or damaged. The paper has a smooth feel, and stands up well to fountain pens. Of course there are many that are better, but with this being able to be picked up at your nearest Walmart, along with the price, generally make this a decent notebook to have.

Here you can see the writing test. No feathering, sheen or shading. Next is the back of the page…

There is some ghosting, and anywhere the ink went down pretty wet it blead through a little, but it did not get to the next page. Adequate enough for personal journals with fine nibs or scratch paper to keep with you for quick notes or lists. I use this paper a lot, and would recommend it for a cheap, but decent, writing experience. I picked this notebook up in Walmart on clearance for $4, but they have many other options, even their composition notebooks work about the same, which should be good news for any student who wants to use fountain pens.

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