My how time does fly! + The Pens of November 16th, 2020

So, it has been ten (10!) days since my last post. No good reason, I just started on a post that I wanted to do more research on and kept on with my normal life stuff and now I am ten days later. That post still isn’t done, I want to have it done by this weekend. But I also don’t want to neglect my blog, partly because I have all of you who have read what I wrote, but even more because I really enjoy writing it, and my daily pen post just helps me start the day off right. So, on to the pens!

First off I have my PenBBS 456 in Sherry inked with Monteverde Fire Opal. This pen gave me some trouble this morning already, it started drying out and not writing well. Took me a couple minutes to realize it was user error, I hadn’t opened the seal so the rest of the ink could flow! A few turns of the piston knob and it was writing as good as always.

Next is my purple Moonman M800 inked with Sheaffer Burgundy. A trusty writer, I expect I am going to have to refill it soon, it has seen a lot of use since I got it almost two weeks ago.

I don’t plan on leaving the house today, so I didn’t pick a non-fountain for today. I have several within reach, if I HAVE to use one, lol.


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