The Pens of November 18th, 2020

Started looking at making an updateable ink journal here, I think it is actually possible, as well as a list of owned pens. It will probably take me a bit to to get that posted, as well as figure out how to pin it or some such.

Now for todays pens, I felt kinda in a green mood. So first off we have my PenBBS 309 in the Leaf acrylic. This has my latest grind on it, an architect make from the slightly bent PenBBS nib, it gives it quite a large line variation. and then a pen I bought used, Opos 88 Koloro, the green barrel with brown ebonite. Both pens hold a lot of ink, and both are ones I have done work on, more on that later, though.

One thing to look forward to, I have just got in 10 inks to review, so I have a whole series I can put together from that.


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