Panda Planner, is it right for you?

This purple book was found on amazon, the price was a little over $20, but I had been looking for a planner that I could use to finish out the year. Full disclosure, I am not a skilled planner, probably more in the unskilled labor area of planners, lol. I wanted to try again though, and this book fit some criteria that I really wanted. Let’s cover some details and thoughts.

Here is the monthly section, it has enough room for 15 weeks, a small section for notes at the end of each week, and a row of productivity enhancers at the bottom.

Next is a page for each week, it lets you focus down from the month to the smaller week while still having everything mesh.

And daily. Each picture really speaks for itself I think. But on top of that, you can go to Panda Planner on youtube, they have many videos explaining how each section works and how it can be used. As a planner noob, I don’t really feel I should tell you how to use it, but I can tell you how it has worked for me, as well as my opinion on it.

Opinion, we all got one!

Now for where I feel I can talk! What I liked first about this planner was the lack of dates and the simple, but well constructed appearance. The cover is quite durable, and the elastic strap holds it closed well. The inside paper is very nice, with a smooth texture so even cheap ballpoints feel relatively smooth on it. The surprising thing is how well it does with fountain pens, I have not had anything other than a gusher bleed through, and very little ghosting. I would recommend using a fine point in it anyway, as there is a lot to write, and only limited space.

How have I liked it? First, Honesty: I have not used this every day, not even every week. I use the monthly the most, and then I try on the others. But I like it when I make the time to use it. The day feels more organized, as well as starting off on a good note with their “grateful for” section. My bottom line, I will probably get another one when I finish this one out, and give it another go. Maybe I can stick to the weekly in the next Panda, and then the third will be daily.

I almost forgot! It also has a section of dot grid at the end for notes. I added my Moonman C1 as a size comparison, it is a nice sized planner, easy to carry, but good writing room.

If you decide to give this planner a try, throw in a comment and let me know what you think!


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