Who am I, and why am I posting about stationary?

My name is Joshua Williams, and I am a left handed person with dyslexia. Writing has always been a challenge for me, the common rollerball and ballpoint pens would make my hand cramp up within a few minutes of starting to write, and my hand writing never looked good. Then a few years ago my wife bought me a Jinhao X750, and I began to see that writing could actually be a fun and rewarding experience, instead of the painful hard work I had grown up knowing.

Since then I have dived into the world of fountain pens. I have enjoyed it, but I saw that something seemed to be lacking. That X750 my wife bought me is a great pen and still one of my regular go to pens, so why aren’t there more reviews for them? Showing off their different colors, nib types, etc. What about the hundreds of other pens that don’t cost you a months rent? Where is their spotlight? Then there are the paper products that are fountain pen friendly and right in your nearest supermarket. does anyone talk about them?

So that is what I am trying to do, fill a gap, and hopefully shine the spotlight on some of these inexpensive options that can be a real joy to use.

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