The Pens of November 2nd, 2020

Today is a day of yard work. I never realized how many leaves had to be raked up and how long it takes, lol. So, quick list: PenBBS 456 Sherry, PenBBS 355 Skyline, and my Karas Kustoms Bolt V2.

Moonman C1, Conversation Starter

Do you like to see ink sloshing around in your pen? Do you want your pen to catch the eye of people near you? This pen might be for you! Is that all it is good for though? How about we take a look at it, and see! With its clear body, and smooth polishingContinue reading “Moonman C1, Conversation Starter”

Hong Dian Dark Blue Forest

I decided to do my first review of this fountain pen. Why? because I think it could use some attention. While I bought the Dark Blue, it is available in quite a few colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Light Blue, Light Green, Purple, Pink, and White. It also has three nib sizes to chooseContinue reading “Hong Dian Dark Blue Forest”