The Pens of November 17th, 2020

Not going out again, so just two pens. These should look very similar to each other, why? Because they are nearly the same model pen! Both are PenBBS 355’s, and while one is in the Ice resin and the other in Skyline, that is not the only difference. The blue Skyline is PenBBS’s redesign of the 355! The first version had a couple design elements that turned out to not work ideally, so they redesigned it to fix those issues. I wish some of the bigger brands would learn something from this.

I just felt like it being a PenBBS day. Probably because I am waiting for an order from them to arrive. I really like these models, they hold a ton of ink! So much, in fact, that I completely forgot what blue ink is in each! Maybe it is time to start a “now inked” journal… hmmm.


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